Best Adults White Fishing Kayak Paddle For Sale

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 Two-piece detachable design This paddle can be divided into two parts, which makes it portable and space-saving.

Lightweight and durable The pipe of the paddle made of aluminium is lightweight and robust. The paddle blades made of polypropylene and fiberglass are tough-floating.

Adjustable length This paddle can be easily assembled and set from 94.88”(241 cm) to 101.18”(257 cm) and is designed for most paddlers with different intended use.

Special design The non-slip material is glued to the pipe of the paddle so that the paddle does not slip. The paddle blade with duckfoot based design reduces water resistance. The rubber ring between the pipe and the paddle blade effectively prevents the water downwards along the shaft tube or gets into the boat.

Standard size Overall length 94.88”-101.18” (241-257 cm), paddle blade length 18.11”(46 cm), width 7.09” (18 cm), pipe diameter 1.182” (3 cm).

Color choices It comes with two colors of the blade, black and white for your choice.

The black one is WMB78422H.

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