TOB Professional Brass Hammer And Punch Sets (For Gun Smithing) 27 In 1 Kit For Sale

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ITEM NO.: WMP74295  
PACKAGE: Bubble wrap
ITEM SIZE: 10.75“*4.53”*1.58"/27.3*11.5*4 cm
ITEM WEIGHT:1.87lb/847g

  • 8pcs brass punches:1/8",9/64",5/32",3/16", 7/32",1/4",9/32",5/16"
  •  4pcs steel punches:2each of 1/16" and 3/32"
  • 2pcs composite punches:3/8",15/64"
  • 12pcs fitting screw drivers
  • Brass head hammer with nylon cap and hex,hole for screw drivers

1.well-equipped: 27 in 1 kit
2.good storage: a box with blister, you could take all the small tools together.

Professional brass hammer and punch sets (for gun smithing)

This thing is handy as a pocket on a shirt. Working on your gun is easy with this little set.Relatively cheap but it does keep everything together nicely.A variety of tools can be combined,and the kit can be recycled multiple times.Brass head hammer with nylon cap and hex,hole for screw drivers.Well packaged, quality gun tools. Great price.

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