TOB Gun Bore Snake For .177cal Shotgun Rope Cleaner (ITEM NO.: WMP74370)

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ITEM NO.: WMP74370

  • [INGENIOUS CONSTRUCTION]  Shotgun rope cleaner with a bronze brush to remove fouling
  • [.177cal]  Shotgun Rope cleaner for .177cal, rope fixed on brush, cannot be taken off   
  • Braided rope to clean fouling away
  • [CIRCULAR RUNNING]  Besides the same functions as other rope cleaners, its circular running makes cleaning more convenient and effective for you get a circle device once you have fed in the bore , no need to repeat the action every time.   
  • [SUPER CLEAN] The synthetic fabric rope with brush can help you clean the bore quickly and thoroughly.
  • [CALIBER NUMBERS]The caliber number is showed on the tip clearly.



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