TOB Gun Cleaning Patches 300 pcs For .270, .30, .338, .357,. 38cal (ITEM NO.: WMP74424)

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Clean your favorite firearm with confidence using TOB’s pre-cut patches.

ITEM NO.: WMP74424
SIZE: 2" non-woven patches round for .270, .30, .338, .357,. 38cal
VOLUME: 300 pcs/ box
CAUTION: Always keeping it far away from children

TOB Gun Cleaning Patches For .270, .30, .338, .357,. 38cal


1.Package includes: comes with 300 packs round flannel cleaning patches, packed in a clear box, large quantity to meet your various demands.

2.Material: cleaning cloth is made of cotton flannel which has good structural integrity and won't fall apart while using, and won't leave any fibers threads or lint behind after using.

3.Good absorbent: flannel patches can work effectively, which great for holding solvents and moving out fouling, do a good job of soaking up carbon fouling, dirt, grime, etc.

4.Easy to store and use: cleaning patches are packed will in a clear box, won't disturb and lose, convenient to use and store.

5.Wide application: cotton patches are useful to remove carbon buildup, also great for polishing and buffing, and can soak up dirt, left-over lubricant, etc.

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